Service Policy Dear customer: Thank you for your support for Kinglong Lighting, in order to define the service specification, simplify the process, improve efficiency, we issued after-sales service standard as following.
Ⅰ.Modern light quality service standards: 1. The warranty of the whole light is two years, from the  date of shippment . 2. All customers can use the  after-sales service credentials based on the commercial invoice.
II.If  the light accessories are damaged during warranty period, the customer need provide the effective image and instructions, Our factory will provide the accessories for free after vertify.
Ⅲ. Customer complaint process The definition  of customer complaint: 1. 1. The products appear to be rusty, paint off, a leakage loss, structural defects, functional problems,  safty risks such as quality problems need to repair parts, recall, compensation in the warranty period. 2. The products need accessories because the poor  package caused the damage. 3 months from the date of the consignment can be accepted. Ⅳ.handling process 1. After customers receipt  the goods, they need to provide quality feedback report, including detailed, written description and the  picture of  products quality problems or scene investigation . 2. The salesman needs  to send photos and captions which the customers complainted  to QC Department in form of comlaint paper. 3.  After QC  Department investigate and vertify, and find the  cause of customer complaint, and make a  concrete improvement measures and prevention programs. 4. The salesman will send solutions to clients by email, and communicate with customers to  find out the solutions  that both sides are satisfied.